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I am 100% IN LOVE with this brush!! It dries my entire head in under 2.5 minutes. Such a time & hair saver!!!

Jessica Happle (13/07/2020)


This is THE LAST hairclip I will ever buy. It provides amazing all-day hold ( even through toddler tantrums) without pulling my hair & ITS CUTE!!!

Jessica Luna (13/07/2020)


Amazing tool!! I will never use another brush again. Reduces my frizz, reduces my drying time, and I haven't had to replace one in a year!!!! Sanitize your tools and this one will be built to last.

Jessica Luna (10/03/2021)


Even more beautiful In person. The prettiest jaw clip I have used and the gold is great. I highly recommend.

Sherry (01/01/2021)


With this humidity, I started using these to keep my hair a bit out of my face. They add just the right amount of glamour and elegance.

Adorable and elegant (01/07/2020)


Cuts like a dream - very smooth

Tom (04/04/2021)


I love this brush. My hair has never looked better.

Elsa (16/12/2020)


good elastic - same as quality as the ones I buy in cvs but this purchase donates money to charities I will buy these from now on

Anna (04/04/2021)


Elegant and beautiful. A little hard to put on, I think I did it backwards the first time. Once I figured it out, it was great. The perfect red.

Mima (03/01/2021)


Beautiful clips with great hold

Maria (03/01/2021)


The photo on this site doesn't do this item justice, but I ordered it anyway. I have dark brown hair and this ponytailer just sparkles - it actually makes you smile when you put it on. I wore it to dinner the other day, and received so many compliments. I don't normally write reviews, but with this item, I just had to say how great it is.

Katie (16/11/2020)


Bought these soft scrunchies for my granddaughter. She has very thick and curly hair and these scrunchies hold her hair beautifully plus she can sleep in them because they are so soft.. She absolutely loves them. I would definitely purchase again.

Elizabeth Keenan (25/06/2020)


These elastics are amazing! They are great for making high pony tails! Great quality!

Mary O’Connor (27/06/2020)


OMG! I can't begin to tell you about this jaw clip. It is beautiful, like a work of art, a piece of fine jewelry. Its made of metal so the teeth don't break and it held all of my hair . . . this little clip. I purchased the pink one too and I don't know which color is prettier . . . there should be more colors, I would buy them in any color you make

Nellie Oconnor (14/07/2020)


So fun - big, soft and fluffy.

Dawn (01/01/2021)


Great comb, doesn't pull or damage your hair.

Maria Romeo (14/05/2021)


Great brush My hair was shiny and smooth and dried really fast. I am giving this 4 stars not 5 only because I like a larger head, I have very long hair. My hair looked amazing. Great brush

Katie (13/04/2021)


Wow! What a brush. My hair never looked so good.

Kelsey (07/05/2021)


Love this brush! Fits in my pocketbook. Use it all the time. My favorite brush ever!

Missy Miller (17/09/2020)



Dry Style Hair Brush Collection

Dry Style – The beauty that tames the beast – Your hair!


Shears and Cutlery Collection

Chemical resistant stainless steel with precision-honed blades.



Scrunchies Collection

Ultra-plush, ultra-soft, and super snuggly, Large enough for all hair types.


Bows Collection

Classically elegant pleated hair bows.



Elastics Collection

Metal free: extra strong and won't pull, damage, or tangle your hair..


Jaw Clips Collection

Let beauty take flight.



Glamour Collection

Brilliant sparkle and great hold.


Hair Clips Collection

A glam way to lock down those stray tresses.

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