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Copper Heat

Hairbrush Collection

Brush beautifully – Style perfectly!
Featuring our electroplated copper metal
and show stopping white pearlized finish,
your hair will thank you.

Brushes and Combs

What's New - Latest Arrivals

Dry Style Graphene Brushes

Dry Style Graphene Brushes

Dry Style – The beauty that tames the beast – Your hair!


Jaw Clips

Elevate a basic hairstyle with dazzling butterfly jaw clips.

Sprkling Jaw Clips
Shears & Cutlery

Extra Sharp

Hair Clip Collection

With their non-slip formed handles these shears ensure a comfortable grip. Features super-sharp blades that can easily trim the hair for a clean-cut, every time.

50% of our profites are donated
Our Story

Hair4Good is a philanthropic hair care company that offers innovative and beautiful Hair Accessories and Styling Tools. Our goal is to help make the world a better place by helping our children.   We hope that using our products will add beauty to your life and the lives of children in need. 

Our supported charities are:

Thank you for your patronage and support and for making dreams come true.

Hair4Good CEO Recognized for Leadership in Philanthropy.

All product packaging is printed on recycled paperAll product packaging is printed on recycled paper.